Yin or Yang

There are no shades of gray - There is only black or white.

If you're not with us - then you're against us.

You're a conservative Democrat - fukk you! You're a progressive Republican - fukk you too!
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Who's Against Bush?

Americans Against Bush
Babes Against Bush
Bluetooth Against Bush
Bushes Against Bush
Expats Against Bush
Knitters Against Bush
Librarians Against Bush
Republicans Against Bush
Run Against Bush
Secular Amer. Against Bush
The World Against Bush
Web Designers Against Bush
Women Against Bush

The Baffler
BBC America
Bush Watch
Buzz Flash
Common Dreams
Democracy Now
Evil GOP Bastards
Guardian Unlimited
Independent Media Center
In These Times
Jim Hightower
Michael Moore
Media Channel
The Onion
Mother Jones
The Nation
Profressive Review
Smirking Chimp
Tom Paine
Wage Slave Journal

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Michael Schlesinger
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